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Culture Predicts.

A Culture-First Approach to Long-Term Investing

Karani Asset Management is an investment management firm focused on long-term investing in companies that are distinguished by their culture.

The Culture Factor

The idea behind our investment strategy is that culture predicts. Culture drives behavior.  By understanding a company's culture, one can increase the chance of predicting how a company will behave in the future.

“Put simply, culture is a set of values and beliefs, as well as familiarity with the way things are done and should be done in a company.”   - Andy Grove, Intel

Culture as a Source of Alpha

Significant excess returns are typically the result of surprises. By focusing on corporate culture, we seek to invest in companies that are likely to deliver positive surprises.

"At a company with a good culture, what the world does not yet know about is probably something good. At a company with a bad culture, what the world does not yet know about is probably something bad."


Simply identifying companies with outstanding corporate cultures is not enough. They are the building blocks. Building an effective portfolio requires an experience-based risk management framework. We have been investing for over 50 years. We know where to look; what to look for; and what to avoid.

We manage investment strategies for individuals, families, and institutional investors.

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